The martyrdom of Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague had a major impact on Europe. In many towns, both reformers are still remembered today.

Several sites of commemoration can be found in Constance. There are street names such as "Hieronymusgasse" and "Hussenstraße" as well as the "Hus Museum" and a student hostel also named after Hus.

Constance and the Czech city of Tábor, which was founded by Hus's followers, are linked by their common history. Every year on July 6, people from Constance and the Czech Republic gather at the "Hussenstein", a great boulder. In 1862, it was set up at Hus's alleged place of execution.

In 2015, two new works of art were installed in Constance: The sandstone sculpture "Way to Reconciliation" by Adéla Kaèabová reminds us of Hus's last journey. To the former Franciscan monastery near Stephansplatz, several milled blocks are attached. Their shadows form the word "Wahrheit" (truth). A counterpart bearing the Czech translation "Za Pravdu" is installed at the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague.