Invitation to tender "Artfund Council of Constance"

The "Artfund Council of Constance" has been launched by the City of Constance with the aim of promoting free culture in Constance throughout the Council anniversary. This fund promotes projects of art and culture in the period 2014 to 2018 thus guaranteeing an artistic approach to the Council of Constance. The fund is endowed with no less than 50.000 €.

Under the headline "Constance welcomes Europe", this artfund promotes cultural projects that create venues and possibilities of (inter)cultural encounters. The fund supports creative procedures aiming to bring artists, locals and visitors together in Constance. Furthermore, a cultural transfer as well as new ways of cross border thinking should be triggered by the promoted activities.

Focus topic of the year 2015 will be "Justice", symbolized by Jan Hus. The discourse on the two big issues of justice and tolerance is to be based on Hus's personality, his teachings, his values as well as his death, the 600th anniversary of which we will be commemorating on July 6, 2015.

The question "What is just?" should not be left to the areas of economy and law only. Symbolic systems like art and language must also take part in the discussion. Standards and their variations are to be evaluated in order to generate new ideas on how our societies may address social conflicts.
The supported art projects are meant to contribute to this public-political discourse. Pressing issues of our times like the way of dealing with new media, modern heresy and internet freedom may serve as an approach.

The application deadline for the "Kunstfonds Konzil 2015" of the City of Constance is May 30, 2014. The supported projects are to be realized in 2015.

Application forms and promotion guidelines may be downloaded on this site (see below). Printed versions are available at the cultural office of Constance. In the summer of 2014, a jury of external experts, professionals from the administration and specialists seconded by the town council will decide on how the funds from the "Kunstfonds Konzil" are to be allocated.

For further information please see, or call 0049 7531 900-900 (cultural office of Constance).

Promotion guidelines (pdf)

Application form (pdf)