Around the year 1400, Constance had approximately 7,000 inhabitants. During the Council of Constance from 1414 to 1418, up to 20,000 guests were also staying in the city.

The daily needs of all those people had to be met. In terms of supply, the people of Constance pulled off an organisational masterstroke. Wares mainly came from surrounding areas to the city, yet fish was also brought in from Lake Garda, and wines from Italy and Alsace. Merchants imported delicacies and luxury goods from all over Europe, such as wine from Crete, and other fancy foods.

Soon, maximum prices had to be set for food and guest rooms to keep expenses from skyrocketing. Hoping for good business, many craftsmen and service persons also came to the Council of Constance. They played an important part in looking after guests and fulfilling their wishes.